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"I swear if I hear one more goddamn harmonica, I'll lose my nut," Amy muttered as we stood awkwardly in the corridor leaning into the main hall of the nightclub. I was only half listening, quite happily enjoying the lazy notes of the lead guitar drifting through the door. When I spotted the sign outside declaring 'Blues Night' on our way in, I hadn't mentioned it.

"I've got a black magic woman,
got me so blind I can't see..."

She dug out the slip the man running the cloakroom had handed her, an irritated expression crossing her face. "Come on, I think people are meeting up at Rev's tonight anyway." She pulled out her phone and checked to make sure, but by this time I had wondered off in the direction of the bar. "Lily? Hey, hold on a sec!"

I paid for my vodka and coke while she ran to catch up with me, darting through the ever-moving crowds. Smiling at her, I pulled the dark liquid into my mouth through a straw. "Take it easy. I'm being social, aren't I?"

Amy sighed. "Well, you're wearing clothes, at least." Amy grumbled, pulling out a five pound note. "Hell, I know it was a rough break-up, but jeez, Lily!" Leaning over the bar, she pushed strands of her long black hair out of her face and called over the bartender. While she waited for her order, she looked over again. "Alright, one drink but can please go to Rev's afterwards?" she almost begged. "Even Bec's gonna be there - weren't you like, best friends in school?"

"Yeah.." I paused, suddenly pensive. "I thought she moved to Wales, though? Like for her filmmaking  shit?"

"Seems she's moved back. What I heard, at least."

While I thought, I drank a little more. Amy was momentarily distracted, taking and paying for a drink. It was a clear, fizzing liquid that I assumed was white rum and lemonade. I'd seen some of Bec's shorts on a Vimeo channel she'd been running for years. Damn girl was good at it, too. Now that I thought of it, that channel had been quiet for several months. "How come?" I asked. Bec had told me nothing of this impending return in her texts.

"Fuck knows. Ask her when we get there." Amy drank a generous amount of her mixer, her face still sour. She kept her back against the bar, eyes fixed on the door.

"Yeah, you got your spell on me baby,
turning my heart into stone..."

"I plan to." I replied, frowning. I cast my eyes over the dancefloor. For once it was quiet on those multicoloured panels. Most were huddled in booths, all caught up in their conversations, grinning and laughing. One or two argued. The few who were on the dancefloor attempted to move rhythmically to the music, but I don't know - maybe it's harder to dance to the blues.
I really wasn't sure what to title this. Oh well. Here's my entry to FFM Day 3 - god damn I haven't been feeling it today. 

Was hoping to finish catching up but nnnnnope! Oh well, it was fun messing around with this theme. Managed to find some inspiration in Tom Odell's 'Sparrow' as well.

I blinked to clear the stars clouding my vision, but those pinpricks of distant eternity only bore down upon me with greater fervour. The universe continued to expand and I expanded with it, my bones stretching apart. I was a constellation, newly born, but no frozen snapshot of legend. My breast rose and fell, blood rushed through the intricacies of my arteries and veins. My fingers danced, searching for what filled the vacuum.

When I woke, I would remember nothing but for now I wandered the fields of creation, lost within my element.

My figure had become translucent, the field of atoms spread so thinly that when light passed through me it refracted less and thus, less of me was revealed. I was like a ghost, a physical, breathing ghost.

I swirled the dust-choked void around my fingers and in the palm of my hand I watched a desert storm building, tiny but ferocious. I kept it spinning and it called in more of the material around us and swelled as it did so, a feasting glutton. Dimly, I remembered that through the eyes of an astoundingly delicate telescope, like that of the drifting Herschel or Spitzer, Hubble even, I would gaze upon a kaleidoscopic rainbow of colour, marbling the darkness pressed upon me. My retinas processed only only the brilliance of starlight, a blinking sea of eyes. Were I awake it would have unnerved me beyond capability, but here I ignored it and focused on the storm, trying to crush it with my free hand.

Compressed, it swirled with greater vivacity and continued to grow the more I pressed upon it. I watched the light of molten rock bathe my palms in a golden glow, pulling in the dormant wasteland around us and continuing to swell.

I thought of winter, of walking to the park with my older brother, collecting snow and with our fingers pressing it into spheres. A month into the new year and the grass was smothered in the sediment of a blizzard the night before. While our parents cleared the doors and the drive, we wondered off to see how big our snowballs could get.

They became boulders and expanded, spinning, blasting light into my eyes. Hours later, we had exhausted the park and I thought a giant bit a chunk out of a mountain and laid it before us, still fresh with glittering summit snow.

Enthralled, I watched it grow larger, a life of its own, its molten skin always stretching. Now an asteroid, now a blazing moon.

Protoplanet. Dwarf planet. Mesoplanet. Growing.

With my bare hands, I birthed a celestis.
snowballs from a nebula
or 'making snowballs out of nebulae' or something, I don't know. For now, I'll stick with what Sun Ra inspired. In other news, I've found a new jazz artist I like!

My submission for :iconflash-fic-month: Day 2. What's that you say? Oh, it's day 5? Well, I'm trying to catch up. Been busy these past few days. Hopefully I'll do days 3 and 4 later today and work from there tomorrow. Luckily I have another day off tomorrow.
I hope you like it - this kept me up until the sky got light :P


used Day 2's theme of 'dreams' and this little number:
wasted some time editing and looking at interchangeable needles because I'm a loser ;D Now to be productive before the shops close 
Spent a good hour messing around with FFM Day 2's theme of Dreams and watching WWE. One down... ish! Will type it up tomorrow and start on the other three :3
Also, just noticed the feature that allows you to hide your writing from non members. If I'm right in thinking, that means it won't count as an online publication with some lit magazines. Seems this has been are for years. I wish I'd known about this!
Ok, so Robert Shearman is an awesome person and writer and I am definitely getting one of his short story collections when I get around to it. He wrote the Doctor Who episode 'Dalek', in case you're wondering. Yeah, a really decent episode. I suddenly feel so misty-eyed. Hell, I guess I really like Dark Doctor Episodes x3 I want more of those angsty feels.

Di I mention? Robot Shearman came to my uni and did a talk. One of my lecturers was running it and she looked like she was very close to fangirling C:

Also, I miss the fancy journal layouts... *sigh* back to basics for now, ne?

Now, to my ps2, Steam (I need to test a dongle thigummy my housemate lent me) or more Anime? I have too many series to catch up on...

yeah, yeah, I know what I should be doing. I also know what I'm not doing.

Oh, and by the way? The Winter Soldier is really really really awesome and everyone should watch it.


edit: I just realised I put Robot in place of Robert. Bollocks. *shakes fist at subconscious*
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Artist | Literature
United Kingdom
Poet by name,
pretentious by nature.

There's a novel in my chest:
split my ribs, pull it out,
have a read -
bedtime literature.

I hope you
remember my
name, strange creature.

Love you too much for words, Snubbs :heart:

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